Public GTD Training - May 30 - June 3, 2022

Course Participant Materials

  • Participant Guide - containing information and examples on the concepts presented in the course.

  • The Book - Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

  • Methodology Guides - which summarize the key GTD models.

  • Portable "In" Tray - for capturing stuff while travelling.

  • GTD Workflow Map - visual summary of GTD practices and principles.

F. A. Q.

  • What are the prerequisites of attending GTD Fundamentals Training?

    There are none. This training is ideal for those new to or experienced with GTD.

  • How is attending the training better than just reading the book?

    Attending the training is the fastest way to become an GTD enthusiast. Reading the book will definitely help you get started. In fact, many people who come to the training have already read the book (though it is not required).

    While the book is great from a knowledge perspective, the training helps from a practical point of view. It is the difference between knowing something and actually doing it correctly.

  • What is needed to attend the training?

    Computer and software:
    to attend live online training you need a PC or Mac with good internet connection, microphone and speakers, and Adobe Connect software installed.

    Space and time:
    you should be in a space where you can focus on training for 2 hours. Training happens from Monday to Friday between 10:00-12:00.

  • How will I receive the course participant materials?

    We will send the course participant materials in a package to the Itella parcel locker closest to you one week before the start of the training. There won’t be any extra charge for you.

  • Can I upgrade training package during the training?

    It is possible to upgrade your training package during the training and continue your GTD learning without a break. We will issue invoice to cover the price difference without any additional fees charged.

  • What happens if I have paid the invoice but need to cancel at the last moment?

    In such a situation you can attend our next public training or pass the right to attend to someone else. We don’t have a return funds option for public trainings.

  • Do others teach GTD?

    GTD Estonia (Brightwork OÜ) is the only authorized partner of the David Allen Company in Estonia. Our trainers undergo a rigorous training and certification process designed and optimized by the David Allen Academy over several decades.

    Ours is therefore the only licensed and certified GTD training program in Estonia.

Live Online GTD® Fundamentals Training

GTD Fundamentals Course with Installation Sessions and Reinforcement Program is the fastest way to become skilled GTD enthusiast and to put Getting Things Done to work for you – at office, at home, and in everything you do. You’ll learn critical principles and techniques for gaining and staying in control, day to day.

This live online version of the training is for you to get more mind-space so that you can create more without feeling stressed, envision your future, and achieve happier life. 😊

Learn more about GTD: what it is and how it works.

The training will be led by an expert Certified GTD Trainer Paul Vahur and has 3 stages:

  1. GTD Fundamentals Course (Mon-Wed, May 30 – June 1);
  2. Installation & Implementation (I&I) Sessions (Thu-Fri, June 2 & 3);
  3. Learning Reinforcement Program (for next 16 weeks).

GTD Fundamentals Course content is presented through engaging lectures, animated videos, hands-on exercises, group discussions, trainer demonstrations, and videos of David Allen sharing the best practices.

In Installation & Implementation Sessions you start creating your own trusted system, guided and assisted by Trainer, and learn practical skills of managing calendar and e-mail.

After the live stages of the training you will be supported by Learning Reinforcement Program running on the Mindmarker app. The program will help you to develop the GTD habit over a 16-week period by regularly nudging you with bite-sized knowledge, questionnaires, and videos.

After completing this training, you

  • will be able to apply the key GTD principles and concepts to your work and life;
  • will be able to identify productivity improvement opportunities;
  • will have your own GTD workflow system installed.

For more information about GTD® Fundamentals Training, please visit Learn GTD page.

Training Schedule

We are currently accepting registrations for our next public training. Once we have enough registrations to create a training group we will start the process of finding training time that works for everyone. Below is the schedule for the training week.

Monday, May 30th    10:00-12:00
GTD Fundamentals Course: Introduction & Capture step

Tuesday, May 31st     10:00-12:00
GTD Fundamentals Course: Clarify and Organize steps

Wednesday, June 1st 10:00-12:00
GTD Fundamentals Course: Reflect and Engage steps, Conclusion

Thursday, June 2nd   10:00-12:00
Installation & Implementation sessions: E-mail and Calendar Management

Friday, June 3rd         10:00-12:00
Installation & Implementation session: Setting Up Your System


  • "Implementation"


    • GTD® Fundamentals Course
    • Course Participant Materials
    • Learning Reinforcement Program
    • + Installation & Implementation sessions


    Price: 650€ +VAT
  • "Integration"


    • GTD® Fundamentals Course
    • Course Participant Materials
    • Learning Reinforcement Program
    • Installation & Implementation sessions
    • + 1 hour of personal consultation with expert Certified GTD Trainer


    Price: 745€ +VAT

Register now!

Registration deadline: May 20th, 2022.