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Paul Vahur is a Certified GTD Coach and Master Trainer, he is the founder of GTD Estonia. Paul has practiced Getting Things Done since 2012, has been GTD Trainer since 2020, and was certified as GTD Coach in April 2023. He has introduced GTD and delivered training to hundreds of participants across many organizations in Estonia – Microsoft, Playtech, ABB, Veriff, Janssen Baltics, Helmes, TREV-2, Lift99, and others.

Paul first came across the Getting Things Done method as an entrepreneur, looking for a way to be as productive as possible while maintaining a clear mind and strategic insight. GTD quickly became his way of working and he successfully put it in use while working on various initiatives in Microsoft.

His passion as a productivity coach is to help people to change their lives, to have a clear mind, achieve better results, and experience less stress and overwhelm.


How can one lead others if one cannot lead oneself?
Every day your colleagues rely on you to show up and to give your best – to lead, to solve challenges, to create winning strategy, and to be present when they need your help. The same applies to your family and to others you connect with outside of work.

But you have too many things to do, so many ideas to turn into reality, so many e-mails unread, so many projects unfinished. Many say that this is the way things are and have always been, there’s no use in complaining – just carry the burden until you crash. Then recover, rinse and repeat. But you believe that there must a better way.

And there is – Getting Things Done (GTD), a personal productivity methodology that redefines how you approach your life and work. Used worldwide by the best and the brightest, this simple way of organizing workflow allows executives to not only stay on top of their work and life but to take their game to the next level.

Only when your mind is clear and your thoughts are organized can you achieve effective results and unleash your creative potential. GTD has helped thousands of executives world-wide to get busy inboxes to zero, manage multiple projects with calm control, and find clear head-space for strategic thinking regardless the number of tasks at hand.

Getting Things Done will allow you to achieve stress-free productivity. Learn more about GTD:


Personal GTD coaching is the fastest and most effective way for busy executives to learn and implement the GTD methodology in a short amount of time. Working with a certified GTD Coach on a mutually agreed schedule and content specific to your needs, there is no better way to get a running start with Getting Things Done.

Together with coach you will assess every aspect of your workflow and environment, from input to execution. The coach shares the best practices and provides support while you practice the fundamental thought process of GTD on your own world. GTD coaching has been used around the world by thousands of executives and it works with 100% confidence.

The process starts with a preliminary call prior to the on-site session, to assess your unique needs and opportunities. GTD Coaching will be conducted at your workplace over one or two consecutive days. During this time the theoretical aspects of the GTD methodology are covered and together with the coach you will design and create an optimal organisational system for you, based on your preferred technologies, that supports you wherever you are.

GTD Coaching includes:

  • Applying GTD’s 5-step workflow to your own work.
  • Learning the best practices for managing your calendar, email, tasks, and reference materials.
  • Creating complete list of your desired outcomes as projects.
  • Becoming familiar with prioritization best practices.
  • High quality support materials from David Allen Company.

Your new system will help you to gain clarity about your commitments and set yourself up to be optimally productive when you are ready to start executing. Beyond helping you to stay in control on a day-to-day basis, your system and new habits give you perspective to be strategic by aligning your commitments, values, and interests at all horizons of work and life.

Part of the coaching process are follow-up calls to support the behaviour change and help you to stay on the right trajectory to achieve a more effective and stress-free way of working. GTD Coaching is useful for anyone who wants to improve their “workflow game”, no matter what their experience with Getting Things Done might be—from novice to veteran. It starts from where you are and allows you to take yourself to a new level.

What Paul's coaching clients say

The value of GTD Coaching

David Allen, the developer of Getting Things Done talks about the value of certified GTD® Coaching.

Shortly after Paul received his GTD Coach certification, David commented:

Paul’s one of the sharpest people in our GTD network. Totally impressed me with his acute awareness of the subtleties of this methodology, and his dedication to spreading the word about stuff that instantly improves people’s conditions.

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