Learning Getting Things Done®


We are passionate about promoting GTD® in Estonia and helping individuals, teams, and organizations adopt it as their way of working. Please explore below the different ways GTD Estonia can help you learn Getting Things Done® methodology:

Course Participant Materials

  • Participant Guide - containing information and examples on the concepts presented in the course.

  • The Book - Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

  • Methodology Guides - concise summaries of the key GTD models.

  • Portable "In" Tray - for capturing stuff while travelling.

  • GTD Workflow Map - visual summary of GTD practices and principles.

F. A. Q.

  • What are the prerequisites of attending GTD Fundamentals Training?

    There are none. This training is ideal for those new to or experienced with GTD.

  • What are the differences between in-person and live online training formats?

    Both training formats deliver the same outcome: you will have everything to become successful GTD enthusiast. In both formats you learn with Certified GTD Trainer.

    Only difference is in the delivery time-frame: in-person training takes place over 2 full consecutive training days; live online training happens in five 2-hour sessions delivered over 5 consecutive days.

  • How is attending the training better than just reading the book?

    Attending the training is the fastest way to become an GTD enthusiast. Reading the book will definitely help you get started. In fact, many people who come to the training have already read the book (though it is not required).

    While the book is great from a knowledge perspective, the training helps from a practical point of view. It is the difference between knowing something and actually doing it correctly.

  • Do others teach GTD?

    GTD Estonia (Brightwork OÜ) is the only authorized partner of the David Allen Company in Estonia. Our trainers undergo a rigorous training and certification process designed and optimized by the David Allen Academy over several decades.

    Ours is therefore the only licensed and certified GTD training program in Estonia.

GTD® Fundamentals Training

GTD Fundamentals Course with Installation Sessions and Reinforcement Program is the fastest way to become skilled GTD enthusiast and to put Getting Things Done to work for you – at office, at home, and in everything you do. You’ll learn critical principles and techniques for gaining and staying in control, day to day.

This training provides the basic building blocks for understanding and implementing GTD through behavior change and habit building.

Learning Objectives

After completing this training, participants

  • are able to apply the key GTD principles and concepts in their work and life;
  • are able to identify productivity improvement opportunities;
  • will have their own GTD workflow system installed.

The training focuses on learning and implementing the five simple steps of the GTD method:

  1. Capture – collecting everything that requires a decision, into leak-proof inboxes.
  2. Clarify – deciding what captured input means and what needs to be done about it.
  3. Organize – creating trusted organizational buckets for tracking projects, actions, and reference.
  4. Reflect – developing supportive processes to stay clear and current on a regular basis.
  5. Engage – executing on trusted choices about what to do – including breaking through procrastination and effectively managing priorities.

In addition the participants will learn about:

  • Three-fold nature of work.
  • Applying the two-minute rule.
  • Getting email and calendar under control.
  • Delegating and tracking tasks appropriately.
  • Making decisions when things show up vs. when they blow up.

Training Stages and Format

GTD Fundamentals Training can be delivered both in in-person and live online format.

In both format the training will be led by an expert Certified GTD Trainer and consists of 3 stages of learning:

  1. GTD Fundamentals Course
  2. Installation & Implementation Sessions
  3. Learning Reinforcement Program

GTD Fundamentals Course

Course content is presented through engaging lectures, animated videos, hands-on exercises, group discussions, trainer demonstrations, and videos of David Allen sharing the best practices.

Duration: 1 day in in-person format or three 2h sessions over 3 days in live online format.

Installation and Implementation (I&I) Sessions

In I&I sessions participants start creating their own trusted system, guided and assisted by Trainer, and learn practical skills of managing calendar and e-mail.

Duration: 1 day in in-person format or two 2h sessions over 2 days in live online format.

Sessions include:

  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Installation Lab – guided setup for common software
  • Guided GTD Weekly Review®

Learning Reinforcement Program

GTD Fundamentals Training participant will get subscription to post-course learning reinforcement program The 5 GTD® Steps delivered through Mindmarker app. Mindmarker is an advanced learning reinforcement system that helps to develop the GTD habit by regularly nudging the participants with bite-sized knowledge, questionnaires, and videos. This will support the participants in developing sustainable GTD practice.

Duration:  5-10 minutes a week for 4 months.

Mastering Workflow Series

GTD Fundamentals Training is level 1 of Mastering Workflow Series. The Mastering Workflow Series is a productivity training program designed, developed, tested, and continuously improved by David Allen Academy.

The series is designed to improve both individual and organizational results, and provides the best in classroom and online instruction. The series offers three instructional courses and a comprehensive set of follow-up sessions to support learners in achieving success with their full implementation of the Getting Things Done methodology.


We offer private training option to companies and organizations, helping your staff to implement Getting Things Done methodology and improve your working culture. GTD Fundamentals Training is ideal for teams, companies, and organizations who are looking to achieve stress-free productivity.

With GTD, you can improve the efficiency and performance of your workforce with simple tweaks to the way they conduct and manage their workload. Large and small organizations worldwide, from start-ups to listed companies have trained their staff, from C-suite to front-line workers, in GTD.

As GTD is technology-agnostic, we will instruct your staff how to implement GTD by using your existing technology stack or recommend most suitable addition.

Contact us if you are looking to improve the way of working in your organization. We will provide you an offer that addresses the needs of your staff.


Want to get a taste for what healthy high performance could look like in your company, industry organization, or NGO? Looking for an interesting keynote talk at your annual conference?

This introductory talk will advise how GTD can equip you with the tools necessary to reduce stress and overwhelm, improve work-life balance, and live with more control, perspective and focus. Delivered by a Certified GTD Trainer and productivity expert, this engaging presentation will cover the core principles of stress-free productivity.

Applicable to individuals, teams, and entire organizations, GTD Speech will provide you and your colleagues with an insight into how to dramatically improve productivity and performance in a healthier, more sustainable way than simply ‘doing more’.

Please contact us to arrange a presentation at your organization or an event.